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Property Rental Check up to 87 Point Report

£ 59 40% Discount
  • Official Land Registry Search on Property & Proprietor
  • Official Property Licencing Search
  • Offical Government Rogue Landlord Search
  • Official Internal Property Search
  • Official Internal Property Search
  • Official County Court Judgement Check on Landlord
  • Official County Court Judgement Check on Agent
  • Priorty 24 hour turnaround +£25

Landlord Fraud Is On The Rise - Don't Be A Victim

Your PROPERTY RENTAL CHECK  will exclusively provide you with information for properties within England and Wales.

Our information is sourced from credible resources such as government agencies, HM Courts & Tribunal Services and from our exclusive internal database of properties and landlords. We conduct searches pertaining to the property as well as the landlords/ agents for the property wherever possible.

PROPERTY RENTAL CHECK  will not provide information from any resources which may be considered as ‘opinions’ on properties, landlords or agents. Our view is that such information are personal views, not likely to be entirely factual and may be biased and lack credibility.