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Does your Landlord have a licence to rent their HMO property?

The law requires all privately rented homes classified as a house in multiple occupation (HMO) to have an obligatory licence. Additionally, some boroughs within England require private landlords to licence their properties under the “selective licensing scheme”. All private landlords in Wales are required to license their properties under the “RentSmartWales” scheme . If your landlord has failed to adhere to these statutory requirements then you could have a claim for a Rent Repayment Order of up to 12 times the value of your rent. Call us or fill in the form below to see how we can help you with your rent repayment order.

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Our latest judgements.

We Have Helped Tenants To Claim Thousands Of Pounds by helping them with a Rent Repayment Order

Isabel Piqueras Ruiz settles for £1,490 (Licensing in Liverpool)

Settled out of court for £1,490.

Mr Theodore veremis wins £4,800 (UNLICENSED HMO)

Click read more to see the transcript of the decision.

Mr Efrain Rodriguez wins £4,525 (Selective Licensing)

no win no fee

We offer Rent Repayment Order clients our no win no fee guarantee.
Our NWNF removes the risk of you having to pay our consultant solicitor costs in the unlikely event you should not succeed. LegalRoad offers advice to private residential tenants in England and Wales.


We will never encourage you to lodge a claim if we do not think you will win the claim. All our work is conducted on a no win no fee basis. You have no upfront fees to pay. This means that we will only get paid if you receive compensation for your rent repayment order. You would be responsible for the First-tier Tribunal fees, if the claim should proceed to tribunal. However these fees may be recoverable from the landlord upon the tribunal awarding an order in your favour. Tribunal fees and legal costs are not added to the total of the claim for our fee structure. These fees are free of any fee charges. Our fees are inclusive of all our legal costs and any solicitor and barrister fees.

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Jus great!! Legal Road took my case along with a parallel one I had against the same landlord and made it feel so easy at every turn, I have my money now and I am so happy with the result. They truly made it so quick and easy for me I never had a doubt they would succeed; it's so rewarding to pursue things like this instead of letting them slide because "it's easier" or one "can't bother" with the trouble, well it wasn't a trouble at all, not with this team.

Efrain Campos Rodriguez

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are or have been a tenant of a residential property for an assured shorthold tenancy with a private landlord and

  1. If your landlord controls or manages and unlicensed house in multiple occupation (HMO).
  2. If your landlord control or manages an unlicensed house in breach of the local housing authority specifications.

We will check whether your landlord or agent has fulfilled the legal obligations for licencing.

We will advise you on whether you have a statutory claim for a rent repayment order from your landlord.

We will explain to you the structure of the law and the basis of a establishing a rent repayment order.

We will assess whether your landlord is in breach of any of the ‘Specified Offences’ under section 40 of the Housing and Planning Act 2016.

If we think that the landlord or agent has breached any of the ‘Specified Offence’, we will discuss the claim process, agree a fee and confirm the information that we will need from you.

We will need to see a copy of your tenancy agreements and all correspondence pertaining to the ‘Specified Offence’.

You are not required to pay any of fees upfront. All our work is conducted on a no win no fee basis. This means that we will only get paid if you receive compensation for your claim.

Our fees are calculated on an agreed percentage of the amount that we recover for you.

Starting from as little as 35%, our fees are inclusive of our legal, solicitor and barrister fees.

You will be responsible for the tribunal fees, if the claim should proceed to the First-tier Tribunal. These fees will be recoverable from the landlord upon the Tribunal awarding an order in your favour.

We will always provide you with the best possible advice.

If your claim proceeds to tribunal and you receive and order in your favour; then the tribunal may award you up to a maximum of 12 months of the value of your rent plus your tribunal fees and legal costs.


We have a proven track record of success. We have already won thousands of pounds for tenants when their landlords have breached their obligations under the law.

We subscribe to the Solicitors Regulatory Authority Code of Conduct in all our dealings with our clients, at all times.

Our head of legal services holds a Masters in Law degree, specialising in housing law. His 20 years of combined commercial and legal experience, makes him well versed on the law surrounding tenancy deposits.

We will always provide you with honest and balanced advice as to the challenges of lodging a claim and the best ways to ensuring you are well positioned to securing the maximum compensation for your claim.

We will never encourage you to lodge a claim if we do not think you will win the claim.

We are here to help you through every step of the way.

We understand that the law can be complicated and it can be intimidating to challenge a landlord.

By letting us manage this process for you, we remove the potential of personal confrontation and help the landlord to focus on negotiation as a way to settle the matter quickly.

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